Social Justice

In a world that is often biased towards the wealthy and powerful, the work of the church will often need to be a counter-balance. At Redeemer we work with the following charities to bring good news to the poor.

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Hope Into Action provide homes for the most vulnerable in society and partner with local churches. They have investors who buy a house which HIA then run and place homeless tenants in. The local church is responsible for providing a befriending group, so the tenants not only are provided with a home but provided with a community who will love and support them.

The aim is that with this support, within 2 years they will be independent enough to move onto their own accommodation.

At Redeemer we have been working with tenants in one house in Beeston since November 2019.


Safe Families is a Christian international charity who have been in Nottingham since 2013.

Their main vision is that no one should feel alone; that everyone should belong. They link up volunteers to the most vulnerable families who are usually highlighted by social care, to provide support around that family to prevent breakdown. They have demonstrated a decrease of the flow of children into care of between 9-16%. This involves using a network of volunteers in the following ways:

Family Friends – those who provide emotional and practical support to a parent or child

Host families – those who provide respite to children who need somewhere to live on a short term basis, such as in an emergency, or as a regular arrangement to give the parents a break.

Resource friends – those who sign up to be contacted by email if there is a resource a family needs, such as a sofa, or some one off help with decorating.


Hope Nottingham is a Christian charity, working with local churches and community groups to serve those in need in neighbourhoods all around Nottingham.

Hope House in Beeston has become a one-stop community support centre, working in partnership with many local agencies, to provide a place of trust and transformation for local people. Hope also supports many neighbourhood Foodbanks across the city, helping people out of crisis and directing people to life-changing support.

Redeemer have strong links with Hope House and their Director Nigel Adams in particular, who is very kindly mentoring our social justice team. There is plans for Hope to have some space within the town hall to use for projects in the future.